Working with unions

BC Infrastructure Benefits works with the Affiliated Unions of the Allied Infrastructure and Related Construction Council (AIRCC) to support workers, contractors and projects. In the collective agreement signed by BCIB and the Affiliated Unions, the first Article outlines our shared goals.

We work together on workforce supply and demand forecasting, on finding apprenticeship spaces, on worker upskilling, and on supplying qualified labour to projects. We work together to build opportunity in BC for construction workers and companies.

Benefits of a partnership with unions

  • Shared data makes BCIB’s industry-leading forecast tool possible.
  • BCIB works with project owners and partners to understand upcoming labour needs. Then, working with unions, we can clearly anticipate needs early. This allows for targeted recruitment efforts, reducing labour risks to projects.
  • Unions vet worker qualifications to make sure only qualified workers are dispatched. Where needed, BCIB supports upskilling through other partner organizations.
  • BCIB manages payroll, meaning workers and unions get paid consistently. Contractors only have to write one cheque, instead of one for each worker.
  • The collective agreement includes a no-strike, no-lockout clause – guaranteeing labour stability to projects.
  • Construction companies can pull from the shared labour pool provided by BCIB and the unions to grow their capacity.

Building Up Workers Here

Member Unions of the AIRCC

There are 19 unions in the Allied Infrastructure and Related Construction Council.

Union Contact

If you’ve got questions for or about our union partners, please fill out the form below and we’ll connect you with someone who can help.