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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

BCIB’s Respectful Onsite Initiative is a comprehensive approach to supporting workers. It is a commitment to building inclusive and respectful jobsites. It is key to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce.

In today’s tight labour market, workers seek out progressive employers and environments. Proactively fostering a respectful work culture yields a high return on investment — one of the reasons we call the program ROI. All BCIB employees participate. BCIB also offers this training to other organizations for a nominal fee.

Through education, we are building opportunity here, in BC, for workers and companies.


Equity. Diversity. Inclusion.

The Respectful Onsite Initiative (ROI) training is a full day program and includes two courses—History Matters and Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Together, they increase connection and productivity while reducing discrimination, bullying, and harassment.

Participants listen to the experiences of Indigenous peoples in Canada. They practice recognizing and addressing various issues on the jobsite. They learn about overdose prevention and rehabilitation supports. They discuss the role the industry will play in climate adaptation.



Reconciliation in the Workplace

How do we reconcile differing understandings of Canada’s history? How do we create new stories of reconciliation?  

In History Matters, intercultural teams guide participants through a journey from pre-contact to the present day. It is an honest telling of history, its legacy for Indigenous peoples, and its impact on our relationships. Local Knowledge Sharers ground the session in the territory by sharing their culture and experiences. The course ends with concrete ideas about how to move forward together.  

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Curious about the difference this training can make for your employees and your workplace? We’ve got answers.  

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Learn more about reconciliation, substance use supports, gender issues, climate literacy and other ESG and EDI topics.

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All our workers get Respectful Onsite Initiative training for free, along with ongoing supports. Apply to join a better onsite culture.

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