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The CBA: A Collective Agreement

The Agreement benefits the construction sector in British Columbia by supporting the recruitment, training, and retention of a more diverse workforce—now and for the future.

Benefits of the CBA

  • Labour Supply for Contractors
  • Shared Objectives (Article 1)
  • Priority Hiring (Article 9)
  • Focus on Apprenticeships (Article 9)
  • Reconciliation in the Workplace (Articles 1 and 9)
  • Competitive Wages
    • CBA wages have recently been re-negotiated and updated. They are competitive with market rates. Updated wage tables will be made available shortly on this page. In the meantime, please email if you’re a worker with wage questions or if you’re a contractor. Thank you.

The Agreement and Supporting Documents

The Community Benefits Agreement

The Community Benefits Agreement
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If you have questions about the Community Benefits Agreement or are looking for documents about projects in procurement, we can help.