Building Opportunity for Indigenous Companies

BCIB’s Indigenous Procurement Initiative (IPI) offers a path for Indigenous-owned businesses to provide goods and services to BCIB’s corporate office. These are services such as graphic designers and catering.

Please note, the selection of contracting companies for CBA projects is done by the project owner (the Province of BC). Similarly, BCIB is not part of the negotiation or implementation of Impact Benefit Agreements or Accommodation Agreements.

Here’s how BCIB’s IPI works: join the IPI Business List to receive advance notice of upcoming competitions. An Indigenous-owned company can be awarded work through this Indigenous Procurement Initiative.

This initiative is a critical step in BCIB’s ongoing journey towards reconciliation. The IPI is guided by the following principles:

  • Reconciliation: BCIB is committed to adopting and implementing substantive measures that advance lasting and meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.
  • Community: BCIB recognizes the value of its purchasing power to effect positive social and economic change for Indigenous communities in BC.
  • Balance: BCIB remains committed to procurement processes that are competitive, deliver value for money, and contribute direct benefits to communities throughout BC.

To join the IPI Business List, please complete the registration form at the bottom of this page.

We are excited to work with Indigenous small businesses and service providers when opportunities arise. For example, the logo for our Respectful Onsite Initiative was designed by a Kwakwaka’wakw artist and this video about that logo was produced by a Metis filmmaker. We hope to work with you soon.

About Your Business

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