Because BCIB is the Employer and has payroll data across projects, we can track various equity statistics, including by hours worked. These stats provide project owners, contractors, and British Columbians important measurements of success for these publicly funded projects.

72 %

of the hours worked across projects by BCIB employees have been worked by locals, those living within 100 km. Locals account for 69% of our workforce.

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90 %

of BCIB employees on CBA projects live in BC, working 90% of the hours.

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81 %

of BCIB workers have self-identified as members of a group that is underrepresented in the industry. They have worked 82% of the hours.

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15 %

of BCIB's tradespeople have been Indigenous, compared to the BC construction industry average of less than 5%.

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9 %

of our tradespeople have been women, more than double the industry average of 4.5%. Women have worked 11% of our hours.

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100 %

of women on CBA projects get paid the same rate as equally qualified men. In BC, women in the trades earn about 20% less than men.

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13 %

of our trades employees have been apprentices or trainees.

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14 %

of the hours worked across projects have been worked by people from other priority groups, such as 2SLGBTQ+, people of colour, and people with disabilities.

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3,000,000 hours

BCIB tradespeople have worked well over three-million hours, helping to build BC's vital infrastructure.

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3000 people

More than 3,000 qualified, skilled tradespeople have worked for BC Infrastructure Benefits. 19% of them have been rehired on at least one more CBA project, offering them employment continuity closer to home.

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Reporting period: from the start of projects to June 30, 2023.

BC Construction Sector Stats

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