Labour Supply

BCIB has filled thousands of contractor requests for qualified, skilled workers throughout B.C. We are a reliable labour supply partner helping contractors complete their crews.

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Networks of Supply

BCIB has access to networks of qualified workers locally and across the country. We can help you fill your workforce demands from multiple worker sources: BCIB’s candidate database, our union partners, and specialized recruitment efforts. Together, we’re meeting the contractors’ labour needs.

Subcontractors can name their existing workers to fill a portion of their crew on CBA projects. BCIB hires those workers and fills remaining positions with our candidates and with dispatches from the Affiliated Unions.

Contractors are encouraged to invite their workers to register with BCIB. (Look for the purple buttons throughout this website.)

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BCIB’s Workforce Database

At BCIB, we recruit qualified candidates online and by getting out into community to recruit workers.

Applicants register with BCIB’s workforce database by creating an online MyBCIB profile. That way, when a contractor requests someone with their qualifications, we can work with the union to deploy them quickly.

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Growing and Diversifying the Workforce

BCIB’s mandate is to help grow B.C.’s skilled trades workforce by diversifying it and by helping to keep more workers in the industry.

We use Priority Hiring to ensure underrepresented workers, including locals, get opportunities to work on these exciting public projects. Qualified local, Indigenous, women, people of colour, and 2SLGBTQ+ workers, along with trainees and apprentices are the future of the skilled trades.

At BCIB, we’re helping get to that future sooner by recruiting and helping to retain this modern workforce.

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Managing the Workforce

BCIB employs the workforce. Contractors direct the workers on site. BCIB streamlines recruiting, hiring, onboarding and payroll so contractors can focus on what they do best: building. That means contractors still supervise and schedule their crews. When it comes to matters of discipline, BCIB will work with you to find the best approach. Working together, we’ll find the the people we need and support them onsite and in their careers.

Looking for skilled workers?

Whether you’re on a CBA project or not, we may be able to help you find the workforce you need. Let’s connect.