Office and Technical – Quality Inspector (Structural/ Paving/ Concrete)

Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project

Quality Inspectors are required on the Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project all throughout 2023.

Below you’ll find what certifications and other requirements are needed for this trade on this project. Requirements can change from one project to the next, so be sure to read the trade profile (this page) for the project you’re hoping to work on.

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Working Conditions and other requirements:

  • Extended shift hours in changing weather conditions.
  • Busy, noisy and dusty environments on dynamic terrains with multiple trades working together.
  • Personal Protective Equipment will be required (e.g., steel-toed safety boots, safety glasses/goggles, etc.)
  • Ability to follow instructions and basic design specifications.
  • Must have good observational skills and the ability to multitask.
  • Have a good understanding and the ability to follow safe work procedures.
  • Have good communication and interpersonal skills.


Experience, qualifications, and certifications that are considered an asset:

  • Must have a minimum of 5 years related bridge and associated structures inspection experience.
  • Must be able to study and understand the Construction Quality Management Plan, Inspection and Test Plans and understand Hold and Witness point inspections, develop and implement checklists.
  • Must be able to perform inspections to verify the work being done in accordance with ITPs, drawing, technical specification, and project requirements.
  • Inspect and monitor the installation of the structural components of the bridge including stay cable, post tensioning & structural steel. (Structural Scope)
  • Inspect and monitor piling installation (to ensure location and bearing) and reinforcing bar placements. (Structural Scope)
  • Inspect and monitor concrete preparation, pour and curing. (Concrete Scope)
  • Inspect and monitor the excavation of the roadbed, pavement restoration or new roadway, asphalt paving/hot mix asphalt (HMA) overlays and traffic control. (Paving/ Road Surfacing Scope)
  • Be able to perform material testing for aggregates, asphalt concrete pavement and embankment. (Concrete and Paving/Road Surfacing Scope)
  • Coordinate with the operations team to schedule QA/QC inspections and tests.
  • Identify and report nonconforming work and verify nonconforming work is completed as per agreed resolution.
  • Review Civil and Structural QC/QA tests, material specifications and testing reports for compliance with project documentation.
  • Must have a good understanding of DBSS, ASTM, CSA, AISC, MMCD and other relevant specifications or standards.
  • Good understanding of asphalt pavement and construction is required for Paving / Road Surfacing Inspector.
  • Cable Stay, Post Tensioning, Precast Concrete, Bridge Deck Steel structure is required for Concrete & Structural Inspector.
  • Ability to work either dayshift/nightshift, alone or with team.
  • Ability to prepare daily reports of work progress and inspection.
  • A Certified Welding Inspector and AUTOCAD considered an asset.
  • Ensuring adherence to municipal or provincial standards, engineering design drawings, and technical specifications.
  • A Class 5 driver’s license with Clean Driver’s Abstract.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in Applied Science or engineering field with a preference for civil engineering.
  • Site Ready BC including WHMIS (details will be provided by BCIB upon employment).